答案解析 1.C。根据文章论述可知,Miss Joan的信封里有40美元,自己掏腰包拿出20美元,所以共计60美元。故答案为C。 2.A。subject to change without notice意为“改..
     It was Friday, the day of the field trip on which Miss Joan would take her class to pick apples. Miss Joan enjoyed picking apples with her students. She smil..
     答案解析: 1. C。根据文章第一段中“…it’s also because U.S. government agencies have started to promote ‘team science’.”可知论文数量的增加与team scienc..
     The average number of authors on scientific papers is sky-rocketing. That’s partly because labs are bigger, problems are more complicated, and more differen..
     答案解析: 1.B。根据文章第一段中“In time, many of them will work at jobs that depend heavily on science …”可知,孩子们将来的工作都会和科学紧密相连。故答..
    Children live in a world in which science has tremendous importance. During their lifetimes, it will affect them more and more. In time, many of them will wor..
     Writing(15%): Directions : For this part , you are asked to write a letter about buying a book from a publishing house . You are given the outline in Chinese..
     PART English - Chinese Translation ( 15 % ) Directions : In this part there is a passage in English Translate the five sentences underlined into Chinese and ..
     PART Cloze (10%) Directions : For each numbered blank in the following passage , there are four choices marked A , B , C and D . Choose the best one and mark..
     Directions : Read the following passage and then give short answers to the five questions. Write pour answers on the Answer Sheet . Hunting was originally a ..
     Questions 37 to 40 are based on the following passage: Security and commodity exchanges are trading posts where people meet who wish to buy or sell. The exch..
     Questions 33 to 36 are based on the following passage: Wouldn't it be great if you could just look up at the sky and read the weather forecast right away? We..
     Questions 29 to 32 are based on the following passage: Tests conducted at the University of Pennsylvania' s Psychological Laberatory showed that anger is one..
     Questions 25 to 28 are based on the following passage : There are robots all around us. Some do very complicated jobs like flying airplanes and driving subwa..
     PART 11 Reading Comprehension (50 % ) Section A Directions : There are 4 passages in this part . Each passage is followed by some questzons or unfinished sta..
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