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     1.PETS三级阅读理解:主旨题有“位”可循 对于段落主旨题,我建议同学们仔细阅读段首句和段尾句,百分之六七十的题目看段首和段尾,就能找段落主旨。文章主旨题还应看些..
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     尽管我们觉得PETS2的听力部分并不是太难,但对些英语基础比较差、学习时间不长的同学来说可能就不是那么容易了。 尽管我们觉得PETS2的听力部分并不是太难,但对些英语基..
     经典例题: Part C Directions: You will hear three pieces of recorded material. Before listening to each one, you will have 5 seconds to read the questions wh..
     经典例题: Part B Direction: For Question 6-10, you will hear a talk by a well-known U.S. journalist. While you listen, complete the sentences and answer the..
     经典例题: For Questions 1-5, you will hear a conversation in which a woman is asking for tourist information about Sudeley Castle and Snowshill Manor.While ..
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     A 节部分即口头提问,是针对所给的Topic(主题)设计出若干问题,向考生发问。它